There is one thing that never goes out of fashion – the experience of being together.

We love to be together – whether celebrating, relaxing, or just hanging out. Compete in a night of card games, catch the latest match, and go wild for your team. Fill the whole space with your cheers!

We like to talk about important things while the speakers boom – maybe we can’t make out a single word, but we still smile. We love to play music, or just listen to good music, party, jump, dance – right in front of everyone! – check out the latest Tik-Tok dances, or feel the rhythm of the music moving our shoulders while we’re at the table. We love to laugh, play, eat, and take every opportunity to be together.

Why? Because everything is better together!

This is High Five Budapest.


We packed everything that evokes the cool American vibe of the 1980’s and 1990’s into one package, turbocharged it with today’s needs, and boom… it struck Király Street like a bolt of lightning – this is how High Five Budapest Bistro Pub was born. 

The atmosphere, awash with the pastel colors and neon lights of the era, is made authentic by extravagant murals (e.g. a meter-long portrait of Vincent Vega, #pulpfiction), sculptures, furniture, and endless board games — Jenga, Monopoly, Game of Games, foosball, and more. Everything evokes the retro era.

We did our best to combine the MTV pop culture that erupted in the 1980’s with the easy-going style of Miami Vice in the 1990’s in an exciting way – the sight is so spectacular that (and sorry in advance about this) you shouldn’t be surprised if your partner avoids eye-contact while talking to you and stares at the walls instead! 

The perfect visuals are supplemented by authentic American flavors made with the finest domestic ingredients. For the old-school eat-with-your-hands guests, we offer handcrafted burgers, juicy pulled pork, crispy quesadillas, or spicy chicken wings, and for the health-conscious “could-I-get-another-fork-please?” guests, we’ve got superfoods and a selection of the finest salads imaginable.

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